Wednesday, May 14, 2008

those kids

i've got those kids. the ones that just make you laugh. you know the ones. you can hear them singing the alphabet song in the produce department of wal-mart...all the way from lawn and garden. they are the ones who proudly announce their bathroom business in a restaurant to all who will listen. in store dressing rooms, they are the kids who are commenting on everything i am trying on. you know you've heard them. i've heard you trying not to laugh. they are those kids that attract attention no matter where they go. they are very animated. they have no volume control. no filter. they think it, then say it. they haven't yet learned about too much information. they have never met a stranger. they are not afraid to strike up a conversation with you...about anything. we went to see the doctor today for an ear infection, and they were once again those kids. they were not bad, don't get me wrong. they weren't the kids who were pitching a fit on the floor. they were those kids that everyone was watching over the edge of their magazine. people tried not to laugh out loud, but some couldn't help it. they had something to say from the moment we walked in, to the moment we walked out. "mommy!!! mommy!!! that big boy opened the door for us. he was sooooooo nice!" "look, mommy! fLiP fLoPs on the WaLL!" "doctor, your stool is gReeN!!!! that's grace's faVorIte cOloR!!" it was nonstop. the doctor even had to politely ask them to be quiet so he could concentrate. on the way out, they made friends with the other patient checking out, a nurse, and three receptionists. they questioned the other lady on her medical history and why she was there, and they told the nurse all about grace's ear. people looked. people laughed. i turned red. the girls love the attention. i don't. sometimes i like to just go unnoticed. i didn't like to be called on in class. i don't like having 'happy birthday' sung to me at a restaurant. i've never liked being put on the spot. i just don't really like a lot of attention. especially in front of strangers. i'm getting used to it, though, and i'm even starting to not mind it quite as much. i love who they are. their personalities and attitudes are unique and pretty darn cute. they are silly, sweet, funny and smart. they will do anything for a laugh. seriously, anything! no matter how embarrassed i may be sometimes when i feel the stares and hear the giggles, i'm always glad that those kids are my kids!

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