Monday, May 12, 2008

bicycle riders coming

yesterday, the girls rode their brand new bicycles for the first time. i was a little nervous. a lot nervous, actually. i'm not big on blood, scrapes, and scratches, especially on my kids. i just knew (given my lack of coordination and athleticism) that this first try would not go well. fortunately, toby has enough of those qualities to make up for what i couldn't pass along to the girls. they did great! it was rocky at first, and it took a little bit for them to get the hang of it, but within 30 minutes they were zipping up and down the street. grace was so confident in her bike-riding skills that she decided she was going to ride her bicycle all the way to nanny and pop's house. we went out again tonight, and they had the best time. they went back and forth yelling, "bicycle riders coming!" for all to hear.

after all that work, it was time to stop and take a popsicle break!

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