Wednesday, May 21, 2008

another naptime mishap

remember how i said the girls should not be left alone and awake behind a closed door for long? remember how i said that only ends in trouble? have i learned my lesson? apparently not. i laid the girls down for a nap today, and mistakenly thought it would be okay to leave the room before they were asleep. for some reason, i thought today would be different. today, i thought, they would actually go to sleep on their own. they didn't. i left the room after making them promise that they would close their eyes and go right to sleep. if they did, we could ride bikes tonight. that should work, right? i was at the computer a few minutes later when i heard them giggling. i figured the nap wasn't going to happen, so i would just let them play for a few more minutes. not five minutes later, i heard catherine calling me. "uh, mommy? we have a really, really, really big problem in here." she wasn't yelling. there was no one crying. she was oddly calm. i knew this couldn't be good. silence is usually the first indicator of trouble around here. i walked into the room and saw grace's mattress halfway off the bed. grace was sitting in the corner by catherine's bed. she immediately, in the saddest voice she could muster up, started saying "i'm really sorry, mommy. mommy, i'm so, so sorry." i could not figure out what had happened. the mattress was almost off the bed, and the bedrail was now laying on the floor. it was still perfectly attached to the mattress, but was on the floor now, instead of being perpendicular to it. i sat on the floor and took grace in my arms. i asked her first if she was okay. when she told me that she was fine, i asked her what happened. her exact words - "well, i was on my bed and i was pretending that the bedrail was a magic carpet, when..." to paraphrase what she said after that, she was leaning on the bedrail when it broke, falling forward and pulling the mattress off the bed. she actually broke the bedrail! the metal bedrail! she is terribly sad, and very sorry. she promises she won't break it again. she promises not to use it as a magic carpet ever again. i'm not mad at her. i actually think it's pretty funny. i should have known better. nothing good happens when those two are alone. the good news...we don't even have to buy a new bedrail. i have a piece to replace the part she broke. i saved the extra pieces from the last time we had to buy a new bedrail to replace the part she broke!

i'm thankful for:

1. the girls' adOraBle new swimsuits!

2. sonic diet dr. pepper

3. sunny weather (perfect for the park and sprinkler!)

4. a peaceful day with little fighting

5. an early bedtime (hopefully!) for the girls

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