Friday, May 23, 2008

girls weekend

this weekend, it's just me and the girls! toby is off for the weekend to play in a golf tournament, so the girls and i are on our own. while i don't look forward to weekends without him, i don't dread it like i used to. we actually have a pretty good time by ourselves. we're going to have breakfast tomorrow with nanny and pop, do a little shopping, rent some movies, and maybe even get started on some father's day presents. we probably won't do anything constructive like clean the house, but we'll have a good time. they seem to always get sick when he's gone, so cross your fingers that they stay well this time!
today i'm thankful that:
1. grace seems to be feeling better
2. toby has great friends he can relax and have a fun weekend with
3. the girls (and i!) took a long nap today
4. i have a whole weekend of lifetime movies ahead!
5. tonight is chick-fil-a night!!

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