Thursday, May 22, 2008


lately i've been thinking a lot about perspective and attitude. i tend to let the little things get to me. i get upset if we are running late somewhere. it makes me mad when the girls unfold the whole pile of laundry that i just folded. i'm annoyed when they take all of the tissues out of the box, or take all of the paper towels off the roll. i wish i was one of those people who could just let things roll off their backs. but i'm not. i'm the person who can fume over something small for hours. in addition to all of that, i also take things for granted more often than i should. i don't always cherish the everyday moments like i should. i'm trying to change all of that, though. i was reading a blog the other day that really put things in perspective. it is written by an amazing woman about the loss of her daughter shortly after birth. i have thought about her everyday since reading her blog. i can't tell you the impact her words have had on me. i've thought about how foolish i have been in not recognizing how precious every moment is with my family. in the last few days, i've tried to see the big picture. i've reminded myself that the things that usually get under my skin and upset me so much are the things that don't matter in the least bit. does it mean that nothing gets to me now? not really, but i am getting better. does it mean that i'll never lose my temper again over something small? i wish! to tell you the truth, i already have. it just means that i'm trying to keep things in perspective and not lose sight of what matters most. i'm so thankful for how angie is so openly, honestly, and faithfully sharing about her experience and how god is using it to make an impact on so many lives. including mine.

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Carrie Young said...

Hey. I do the exact same thing! My boys think it's hilarious to unfold the laundry I just folded. Guess who taught them - my darling husband. It makes me furious! In the scheme of things though it will probably be a memory I will look back on and laugh at. I also fume over the little things! It's reassuring to hear that I'm not the only mom who struggles with this! That every day isn't sunshine and roses! I guess I need to work on perspective too! Your girls are the most precious things ever!