Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother's day, mom

when i became a mom, i started to see things differently. i saw things as a parent, not a child. i suddenly knew what it was like to really worry. i realized that i wasn't quite as smart as i thought i was. i realized my parents were even smarter than i thought they were. i started using hand sanitizer compulsively. becoming a mom changed everything. i see my mom differently now. i appreciate her even more, and respect her more than i could have before. i had no clue what it was really like to be a mom, because my mom did it all without complaining (and still does!). she didn't whine about the late nights she spent getting ready for birthday parties or holidays. she didn't complain about having to cook macaroni and cheese for lunch every single day. she did my laundry, cooked my meals, cleaned up my messes, and helped with homework, all without grumbling. she put up with me through middle school, acid-washed jeans, hairstyle, and all! she bent over backwards to make each house a home as quickly as possible when we moved. even if it meant she worked 24/7 until it was finished. she drove me to school so i wouldn't have to ride the bus. she listened when i had my heart broken. she sacrificed her own wants and needs for my wants and needs. she taught me to turn the other cheek, to help others even when it means going out of your way, to put your family first, to look for the best in things, and that it's okay to cry at commercials. even now that i have kids of my own, she is still there for me. she helps when the girls are sick, cheers over the phone when they go pee-pee on the potty, runs errands with us to make it easier, gives me advice, babysits, reminds me that things will get better, and keeps me sane. because of my mom, i stay at home with my kids so they can have the kind of childhood i had. i want them to have the kind of mom that i have. because my mom is the best!!

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