Tuesday, May 20, 2008

finally, a productive morning!

we've gotten a lot accomplished today! we were at wal-mart by 8:00, did our shopping, unloaded our groceries at home, got back in the car to go to mom's, took her to kroger, went back to her house and made dinner for her and dad as well as us, then came home in time for a good nap! that may not be a big deal to most people, but it's pretty good for us! early morning shopping at wal-mart is the best. there is no one there, the aisles are empty, and it is actually kind of peaceful. we didn't even eat breakfast before leaving...we took it with us! is that terrible? they ate their breakfast this morning in their stroller at wal-mart. whatever works, right? we might make this a weekly thing. it was so much easier pushing the stroller and pulling the shopping cart through an empty store. all in all, it's been a pretty good day!

*on another blog i read, each post ends with what she is thankful for that day. not a bad idea...so i'm going to copy! i'll try to be consistent and keep up with it.

i'm thankful for:

1. happy, healthy girls

2. an easy and productive morning

3. my mom's recovery - she is doing better each day

4. being able to live so close to my parents - we can see them often, and they can really get to know the girls and have a close relationship

5. DVR - i can record all my junk at night and watch it during naptime (which i'm about to do!)

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