Wednesday, May 21, 2008

picture perfect day

yesterday was a really fun day. okay, minus the broken bedrail incident. even that was pretty funny, though. in the morning, we went to the park with a friend. after that, nanny went with us to target, and then we got to eat lunch with her and pop. we went home after lunch to take a nap. you know how that worked out. before things went really downhill, though, a friend called and invited us over to play outside in the sprinkler. the girls had a blast, and got to wear their brand-new swimsuits! they were so cute! overall, it was just a great day. it was one of those days that you had pictured in your head of what motherhood was going to be like. at least it was for me. most days aren't "picture perfect," though. some days are. some days are just kinda average. others are boring. lonely. downright stinky. motherhood is so many things. what it isn't, though, is a fairy tale. kids fight. dinner burns. the house looks like a tornado blew through. bedrails break! but that's just life. you try to focus on the good, and get through the bad. when the girls were tiny babies, things were hard. i mean seriously hard. there were days that i did not want to get out of bed. days when i didn't think i could make one more bottle, burp one more baby, or change one more diaper. they cried all the time. so did i. but even on the hardest days, i knew that the worst day with them was 100 times better than the best day could be without them. sometimes i still have to remind myself of that. there are days that i don't want to buckle one more seatbelt, wipe one more bottom, or make one more lunch. but i do. i do it because i have two beautiful girls that i can do it for. because i'm the one that was lucky enough to be picked to be their mommy. i'm the one who was so unexpectedly, so undeservedly, so incredibly blessed with twins. it's not easy being a mom of twins. it isn't easy being a mom. period. i don't think it is for anyone. but it is such a blessing and an honor. one that i take for granted way more than i should. but i'm working on it!

i'm thankful for:

1. a husband that works hard so i can stay home with the girls

2. my friend, who is also a mom of twins, that understands me like no one else can

3. a hot, humid day that will force me to stay inside and do laundry!

4. "my friends tigger and pooh"

5. kids with a good sense of humor

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Short Stop said...

Hi, Leslie!

It is great to meet you! Your girls are just adorable! (you know how everyone says that to everyone's kids...well, yours are of the really, really cute variety! :)

You perfectly described motherhood in this post. It's so incredibly awesome, and boring, and hard, and lonely all at the same time.

And the bedrail incident...boy, we've had our share of bedtime me!

Thank you for visiting my blog! As you can see, I have three little boys, and I love the "pinkness" here on yours! :)