Monday, May 19, 2008

our god is so great

i love to sing. i don't do it well, and i will only do it in front of my 3-year-olds, but i love to sing. when the girls were babies, i would sing all day long about whatever we happened to be doing. changing diapers, making a bottle, getting dressed, feeding, etc. i even (unknowingly) serenaded a friend's husband who was standing outside our home. he was kind enough to wait until i was finished singing to ring the doorbell. i don't know who was more embarrassed! anyway, i have apparently passed on my love of singing to the girls. they, too, will sing anything. the difference is, though, that they will also sing to anyone! the other day in the car we were all singing along to a cd i had made of my favorite songs. in the middle of singing "how great is our god" grace looks up at me with a big smile and says, "mommy, our god is so great!" isn't that the truth? our god is so great!

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