Saturday, November 1, 2008

tricks and treats

The girls spent part of their Halloween last night at our church's Trunk or Treat. They had so much fun...and got way too much candy! They got to see most of their friends, and even spotted a few celebrities. Yes, they saw Ariel and Sleeping Beauty in person. They also saw Cinderella, but since they knew it was one of their friends they weren't fooled. A little while later, though, they spotted Sleeping Beauty. Since they didn't know the little girl that was dressed up as her, they were pretty convinced it was actually her. Same thing happened with Ariel.

After much shopping, debating, and costume-trying-on, the girls decided to be brides. They originally wanted to be Tinkerbell, but the costume we got was just a little too big. I looked through their dress-up clothes for an alternative, and suggested that they wear the wedding dresses my sister gave them for their birthday. They agreed, and it was perfect. A salon for kids was doing Halloween hair for just $5, so we stopped by on our way to the church and had the girls' hair styled like a real bride. They looked so cute. It was almost a little too realistic.
After the candy had been safely put away, the hairspray and glitter washed out, and the beautiful brides were turned back into silly little girls, we got our Halloween trick. Catherine woke up around 2:30...throwing up! No, it wasn't candy overload. They didn't even have any candy. That turned out to be a very good thing. She's better now, and Grace seems to be fine. Let's just hope it stays that way!!


Stephanie said...

Oh you should frame that one! Gorgeous. And let me guess--Grace is on the left looking into the camera and Catherine is looking up? I am working on it.

The Allens said...

Brides! I love it! It's unique and they looked so pretty! Getting their hair done was a great touch. I'll bet they loved being pampered! Thanks for the pictures - your girls are precious.

The Savages said...

They are such beautiful little fun that Catherine woke up sick. Bless your heart.

Matt & Leigh Anne said...

They are just gorgeous times 2!!!