Friday, November 14, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Tonight was supposed to be date night. Toby and I were supposed to go to dinner and a basketball game with some friends. Instead, he's there, and I'm here. The girls were supposed to spend the night with my parents. Instead, they are here, too. Catherine woke up not feeling well this morning, but I didn't think much of it. Grace and I went to MOPS, and she spent the morning with my mother-in-law. When I picked her up around lunchtime, she said she felt better. She looked better, too. But it didn't last long. She didn't eat lunch, took an early nap, then woke up feeling terrible. Since it was Friday, I decided to play it safe and go to the doctor. Just a virus. She was feeling better, and insisted on still going to my parents' house to eat dinner and spend the night. By this time, I'd already canceled my plans for the game, and Toby had already found a friend who could take my ticket. I let the girls go to my parents' house, and after staying over there for a while, I came back home. Not 10 minutes after getting home, my mom called and said they were bringing the girls home. Apparently, when it was time to get ready for bed, the girls had decided they wanted to come home. They wanted to see Mommy and sleep in their own beds. I still can't believe they wanted to come home! They are usually the ones telling me to leave so they can be alone with Nanny and Pop. This is definitely a first! And probably a last. While I hated the fact that they missed out on their sleepover, I'll have to admit that it was nice to be needed. Really, though, she didn't need me. But it was sure nice to be wanted.

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The Allens said...

I am sorry to hear about date night! :( The dresses are gorgeous, though! :)