Tuesday, November 4, 2008

tired tinkerbells

Like I mentioned the other day, the girls had originally planned to be Tinkerbell for Halloween. Luckily, even with the last-minute wardrobe change, the costumes did not go to waste. Nanny and Pop had all of the grandkids over for a special Halloween dinner on Wednesday night. (Kids, you can thank me later for talking Nanny out of the ghost-shaped, pastry-covered meatballs!) They were all supposed to wear their costumes to dinner, so the girls wore their Tinkerbell costumes. I didn't think to take their picture while they were dressed up, but I did snap these pictures at a stoplight on the way over.

See girls...you do still need your naps!


The Allens said...

Oh! I really like the tinkerbell costumes, too! And I like the new picture at the top of the blog - very pretty dresses!

Rebecca said...

Soooo cute! I love the new picture at the top too...they're beautiful!