Thursday, June 19, 2008

top ten ways you can tell i'm a mom

10. i make references to "dora the explorer" in daily conversations

9. i call my peasant skirt and tank top my fancy outfit

8. my purse is often mistaken for a diaper bag

7. i never leave the house without hand sanitizer, snacks, crayons, and stickers

6. i think steve from "blues clues" is kinda cute

5. i consider getting home past 9:00 staying out late

4. i no longer subscribe to glamour, cosmo, or marie claire. i now read parents, family fun, and good housekeeping

3. i have the number for poison control programmed on my cell phone

2. i can recite the entire "doodlebops" pledge

and finally.......

1. i am now the proud owner of.....

....a minivan! hUrRay!!!


Stephanie said...

I am so proud of you! You definitely deserve it. :) I am glad you embraced the van!

Carrie said...

LOVE my minivan! Wouldn't trade it for anything! Has a tv/vcr thingy in it but we only watch on long trips to grandma's... Never thought I'd be glad to have one, but I so am! What kind is the one you have? A Honda?

The Savages said...

LOVE IT! We got back earlier today and have been to the store and trying to do all of the laundry and get unpacked. I can't handle that mess. Anywho, I will call you tomorrow! Can
t wait to see the minivan!

thenorvells said...

Mini Vans rock, Leslie! They will never go out of style no matter how many big SUV's car makers can think up. Personally,I can't wait to shuttle all my kids plus a few of their friends around in my mini van. I learned to drive with one, so I am already a pro!