Thursday, June 12, 2008

sleepy, stubborn girls

it is after 10:30, and my children are just now going to sleep. they first went to bed at 8:20, but they didn't go to sleep. they weren't mad, crying, fussing, or fighting. they were just awake. i knew they were tired. they knew they were tired. they just wouldn't give in. so i did. i don't usually do this, but tonight i let them out of bed. i let them bring their blankets and pillows into the living room to watch tv. i turned off all the lights, got them all snug and cozy, turned on the tv, and we all watched the care bears. they said our living room looked like nanny and pop's "movie room." i'm sure supernanny would disapprove of this, but i thought it was kinda fun. will they be tired tomorrow? probably. will they be a little grumpy in the morning? maybe. was this the best parenting decision ever? i doubt it. or maybe it was. sometimes you've gotta bend the rules. sometimes you have to stay up late and snuggle with your kids. will they remember all of the rules they followed today? no way. will they remember the one that i let them break? i hope so. i know i will.

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Anna & the boys said...

How precious! I held Drew for a long time tonight after he woke up crying. I just didn't want to let him go or even grow up. He is my last.