Monday, June 16, 2008

eating out

since yesterday was father's day, toby got to pick what we did for lunch. he chose to eat out at a "resternaut," as the girls would say. i'm usually not a huge fan of eating out with the girls. i know that sounds mean, but it's just not relaxing. yesterday, though, things were better. during lunch, i noticed how much things are changing for us. there are no more highchairs, we don't have to bring sippy cups and kiddie utensils along, cheerios aren't spread out on the table as an appetizer, and the table usually doesn't look like a tornado came through. i actually think there was only one crayon left under the table! we ended up having a really nice lunch. it reminded me, once again, that even though there are tough stages that we go through, they are just stages. they don't last forever. before we know it, toby and i will be eating out all alone, wishing we had someone's pancakes to cut!

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