Saturday, June 14, 2008

happy father's day, dad

i know today isn't exactly father's day, but today is the day that we are celebrating with my dad. and since today is his day, i thought it was fitting that i told you about him today. my dad has always been there for me. when i was little and i fell and scraped my knee (really bad! to me, at least), he held me on the stairs while i cried. he stuck up for me when the little boy on the bus was mean to me, and again in middle school with the kid in art. he made sure that i was treated right, but instead of just swooping in and always fixing things, he taught me to stand up for myself. this wasn't an easy task! i was always the shy, quiet little girl who was easy to pick on and take advantage of. my dad taught me how to speak up for myself without being rude. he taught me to always make good choices, and not just go along with the crowd. when i broke my arm on the monkey bars in elementary school, he held my hand while the doctor fixed it. having kids of my own now, i know that wasn't easy. seeing your own kids in pain is the worst. after my arm healed, it was my dad who took me back to those monkey bars and made me try again. over and over, so i wouldn't be scared. once when we moved, he listened to me cry over the phone on my first day of school. he helped me adjust to all of our moves, and he told me it was for the best. i didn't believe him, but it was. moving helped me become who i am today. as a teacher, it made me more sensitive to "the new kid." as an adult, it has helped me make friends more easily. my dad put up with my teenage drama. and there was a lot! seriously, there was a ton. he taught me to drive, took me to a "new kids on the block concert," and taught me correct grammar (sorry, dad, if i still don't use me and i correctly all the time!) when i had the girls, my dad came up to the hospital to keep me company and help out. after the girls came home, he took time off work to come over and help. he would come over at night, when we couldn't get them to sleep, and rock one of the girls in the corner to give toby and me a break. no matter what stage of my life, there is one thing i've always known. there is nothing my dad wouldn't do for me. i hope my children can always say the same about me. thanks, dad, for everything. i love you! happy father's day!

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