Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Imagination Movers

Don't be jealous, but this weekend we took the girls to see the Imagination Movers! Before I was a mom, I thought I would never go to one of those kiddie concerts. Disney on Ice? Maybe. The Doodlebops? No way!

I'm so glad I changed my mind!

We've been big fans of the Imagination Movers since they've been on the Disney Channel, and our love for them has only grown. I'm not ashamed to admit that I am as much of a fan as the girls are!

So when I heard they were coming to town (um...yeah, I'm on their e-mail list!), I told my husband that we just had to go. Being the great husband and dad he is, he stayed home on the Saturday morning that the tickets came out so he could get us the best seats. And they really were good seats!

We all had a really good time at the concert! The girls got to meet the Imagination Movers after it was over, and we were all able to take a picture with them.

It was definitely a day the girls will remember!


Short Stop said...

My boys absolutely LOVE the Imagination Movers. They dance all around my bedroom while I'm getting dressed in the morning. They know the whole dance routine by heart.

I'm not really into it - though that's probably because I'm always yelling at them to NOT jump on the bed while the show is on! LOL!

I should actually sit and watch an episode with them!

Annie said...

I'm glad that all of you enjoyed the concert and had a great weekend.

Missy said...

Okay, I and my girls are jealous! About 2 years - they came here to a local library and we drove there but missed seeing them because there was a 4 hour wait!!!!! Needless to say, we missed our chance!!!

Carrie said...


thenorvells said...

Never heard of them, but I am sure I will sooner or later.

The Savages said...

Kens would be sad if she knew she missed it....I love the picture of everyone! What did Toby think?