Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'll Tumble For Ya

Last Thursday was the girls' last day of tumbling. Grace, Catherine, and their cousin went to tumbling class twice a week during the month of August , and they loved every minute! I don't know what they liked best - wearing a leotard, getting to hop, jump, and tumble on the mats, or watching themselves in a wall of mirrors! I'm thinking it was the whole package...watching themselves tumble in their leotards in the mirrors. Anyway, they really did have a great time. Their teacher was very laid back, and let all the moms sit in the room and watch (she said we could participate if we wanted!). She didn't even mind if we took pictures during class. It was the perfect first "class" to enroll the girls in. I was able to sit back and watch them interact with other kids and adults in a way that I haven't been able to before. I noticed new things about each of them, and saw little differences come out. Yes, they might look the same, but they are different!


The Savages said...

The blog and the music went so perfectly together. GREAT JOB! I am impressed. I notcied that you changed the background again. SO CUTE! THe pictures of the girls at their tumbling class are so super cute. Talk to you soon!

thenorvells said...

Too Cute!!! When I was their age I dreamed of tumbling classes! We had this silly little movie about gymnastics and I would watch it over and over and pretend I was an olympic gymnast. But alas, my tumbling dreams never came true. And..if I had a cute pink leotard with a skirt, I'd love to wear it too. You are such a great mom!

The Allens said...

I love the new picture at top and all of the tumbling pictures! I think it is great that the parents were able to be involved in the class. A lot of teachers would not be a fan of that. I am interested to hear the personality differences you are starting to see.

Short Stop said...

This post can hardly contain all of this pink cuteness. Oh, they are just adorable. I can hardly stand it.

We've been wanting to get Jack into something where he can let go of some energy. I think we might try soccer this fall. YIKES! The coach would have his hands full. But, I think these kinds of organized activities are so good for them - teaching them to listen and helping them get evergy out.

Sorry, that was a novel. SO cool that you could be involved and that you got these precious pics!