Monday, September 1, 2008

Home Alone

Toby went hunting yesterday, and the girls had at a sleepover at my parents' house last night. That meant I had the house all to myself! Yipee! For more than 12 blissful hours, it was just me. I had a long list of things I wanted to get accomplished last night...clean, vacuum, do laundry, finish MOPS centerpieces, make clipboard crafts, get to bed early, and the list goes on! What did I actually do? I changed the background on my blog, cleaned the kitchen, watched a movie, and picked out the paper for the clipboards. Basically, I stayed up way too late, but I don't have much to show for it! Okay, so I didn't accomplish all that I had planned. I still loved every minute of my evening. But I'm kind of glad that it was just for one night. I missed not telling the girls goodnight, singing to them in bed, and listening to them talk in their room before falling asleep. It was a little lonely, too, not having someone to talk to at night, sleep next to me, or wake up to. Today, the house is back to normal. There have been little feet running through the house, and squealing voices echoing through the halls. The kitchen is already a mess again, and my scrapbooking paper had to be put away. I'm definitely not alone anymore. It was so nice, though, to have time just to be me again. Not that I don't love my role as a mom and a wife, but sometimes I just need a little time for myself. It makes me appreciate what I have even more.

One more a bonus, the girls are taking a long nap. Really long. 2 hours and counting. Good chance there were some long naps at Nanny and Pop's, too! I heard it was a late night and an early morning.


The Savages said...

Love, LOVE, LOVE the new background. You must teach me or show me how to make my blog this cute. You were VERY productive from the sounds of your blog.....the fact that you watched a movie is a feat in itself. :-)

Stephanie said...

I was just looking at new backgrounds for mine at the same site! Love it. Very cute.

thenorvells said...

I am glad you spent the time on "you" and not on your list! "Me-time" is essential to sanity :>). And yes..sleeping alone is the most lonely feeling.

Short Stop said...

Oh, how I love alone time. I don't get it very often, and I'm hardly ever productive when I do.

But you're makes you appreciate those little footsteps running down the hall all the more.