Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Was that supposed to be a compliment?

We have several good cooks in our family. I, apparently, am not one of them. According to the girls, Pop makes the best pancakes in their "whole wide lives." Grandad makes the best malts in their "whole wide lives." Today at lunch, the girls let me know where I rank. For lunch, I "made" veggie corn dogs, apples, and yogurt. While eating her corn dog, Catherine looks at me and says, "Mommy, you're the best cook in the whole wide kitchen!" Grace wholeheartedly agreed. The whole wide kitchen? That's all??? I was the only cook in the kitchen! And I didn't even cook any of their lunch today. I warmed the corn dogs in the oven, scooped yogurt out of the container, and pulled the pre-sliced apples out of the bag. Thanks, girls. I appreciate the compliment. At least you're easy to please. Look forward to "cooking" for you again soon!


The Allens said...

That was funny! Your girls are SO cute!

By the way, do they eat casseroles? I got a recipe this weekend that was Super Easy and Robert LOVED it. It also looked really pretty which never happens to me!


Short Stop said...

Awww, Leslie. How cute are they!!

They're faces in these pictures are SO freakin' cute. You can see the mischief coupled with the sweetness.

I'd say the "best cook in the whole wide kitchen" counts as a compliment. Especially from thankful faces like these!