Friday, August 22, 2008

Drive-in Playdate

Earlier in the week, my friend and I had what could easily be called the best playdate ever. Sonic Happy Hour. We met at Sonic, piled all four kids into her car, flipped on a DVD, ordered soft drinks for us, water for the kiddos, and relaxed. The kids didn't actually watch the movie (they claimed it was too scary), but they were all contained there was little fighting. For just over 2 bucks, we had a little adult conversation, some much-needed caffeine, and a break from the house. Next time, we're bringing a different movie, and we're looking into installing one of those bullet-proof Plexiglas dividers. You know, like the ones police officers have. Then we can really relax!


Short Stop said...

The Plexiglas: LOVE IT!

That sounds like a perfect playdate. Nothing like having htem all strapped in the car and some good adult conversation!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

The Allens said...

That is awesome! Good idea!

Stephanie said...

Yet another thing you can do in a minivan..... :)

karen richardson said...

Very creative. My friend has triplet boys...maybe I'll recommend it!