Monday, August 4, 2008

back in the kitchen

The girls loved making muffins on Friday, so I promised them that they could start helping out in the kitchen more. Staying true to my word, I let them help make their lunch pizzas. I had seen this idea on another blog, but I can't remember which one. It is so easy! The girls really did do it all on their own. You just need refrigerated biscuits, pizza sauce, cheese, and any other toppings your kids like. The girls pressed the biscuits into a muffin pan, put a small spoonful of sauce in the center of the biscuit, then topped with cheese. Grace added pepperoni, too. I baked them at 450 for about 8 minutes, and they were delicious (for kid-food, at least). I used to make biscuit pizza by pressing biscuits into a pie pan and topping with sauce and cheese, but this was so much faster and easier. And, the girls got to make theirs just the way they wanted them. Now I just need to find more kid-friendly recipes!


Matt & Leigh Anne said...

Thanks so much for sharing!!! What a great idea, I just love the multi-use muffin pan. We just made them. The girls had fun. I just had cresent roll dough, but they still were great. Is it bad the girls ate two each and I ate the rest???!!!!

Barbara Manatee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. The pizza muffins look good! I'm a teacher and cook with my students each week and every year, one of the favorite recipes is mini pizzas. We've done them on biscuits, bagels and english muffins. Yum! Your girls are adorable!!