Saturday, February 28, 2009

Water, water, everywhere

Y'all, they flooded the toilet.

That says enough, but allow me to elaborate...

We had just gotten home from lunch, and the girls were in the bathroom taking care of their business before naptime. There was some giggling, which is normal, and then a flush. The flush, though, did not sound normal. It was immediately followed by the sound of water pouring onto the floor.

I raced into the bathroom, hoping it wasn't what I thought, but it was.

Water was going everywhere, and there were two petrified little three-year-olds just staring at all the water.

As if there wasn't enough water already, they both burst into tears when they saw me.

I got the water turned off, sent them to their room, and started cleaning. My mind is a little fuzzy on the details here, but voices might have been raised. Or maybe it was just mine.

After counting to ten about 43 times, taking several hundred deep breaths, and repeating, "I will not yell, I will not yell," it was time to go talk to them.

Catherine confessed pretty quickly, admitting that it was her that put almost an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet. Grace, meanwhile, maintained her innocence.

I decided that they had already been punished enough, and I handed out no further consequences. Seeing the toilet overflow and Mommy completely flip her lid was probably enough. Neither was a pretty scene.

Let's hope they don't try it again!


Anna and the boys said...

I can't type I'm rolling in laughter! Oh Leslie!

The Lowery's said...

This has happened to me on a FEW occasions!!

Annie said...

I imagine their faces when you enter the bathroom. Wow, I'm thinking if my girls do that someday!!!!!

Jodee Leader said...

You poor thing! It sounds like you remained calm for the most part! I haven't experienced this yet, but I am sure my time is coming sooner, than later!

Missy said...

My girls stuffed around 15-20 baby wipes in their toilet and the wipes got stuck in the pipes (all toilets, baths & sinks would not drain properly). A few plumbers were here for a few hours and finally found the problem.

Our girls sound a lot alike. I wonder what fascinates them with the potty? And normally Emma is the culprit while Abby insists she innocent! So glad it was not worse.

The Allens said...

I actually did not laugh at this. I felt bad for you (and spent a lot of time thinking about what my future holds!). I was also personally impressed by your grace.