Tuesday, July 1, 2008

true love

i'm in love. true love. and it's not with my husband. yes, i am in love with him, but i have a new love, too. i lOvE, i mean seriously LOVE, my new minivan! i didn't think i could love it more than the day we got it, but it do. i love it more and more each day. today was our first really big shopping trip at wal-mart. let me define big for you - no more room in the cart (top or bottom), over an hour, we can't buy one more thing - BIG. i never could have done this with both girls in the accord. not only did i buy lots of food, but i got bulky things like toilet paper and paper towels. i really couldn't wait to get to the car, press the buttons, watch the girls climb in, then neatly load my groceries. it was heavenly. i didn't even break a sweat. and it's july. the girls got in by themselves, and i was able to buckle them in without ducking, bending, or stooping. all of the groceries fit perfectly in the back. and there was still tons of room! there were even two hangers on the top of the back seat to hang my chips and bread above everything else so they didn't get crushed. when we got home, the girls could reach in the back and grab sacks to carry in. no more reaching down into the trunk to dig things out. i used to hate going to the store when we had lots of things to get. i'd have to strategically plan when to purchase large items so everything would fit in the back. now i couldn't fill it up if i tried. okay...maybe i could, so i better not try! anyway, all of this just goes to say that i really, really, really, love my minivan. even if it is a dorky mom-mobile!

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Stephanie said...

We will have to test your theory about not being able to fill it up when we go to Canton next time! It sounds like a challenge to me! :)