Tuesday, July 1, 2008

oh, crap!


i heard the cry today about 45 minutes into the girls' nap. every mom knows the cry. it's the cry that you know needs immediate attention. it can't wait until the next commercial or until your finish another page in your book. you have to go now! someone is seriously hurt or sick. until today, hearing that cry in our house meant that someone had thrown up. i hate the cry! i'm not good with throw up. today, though, it had come out the other end. for those of you who don't know me, that's just gross. for those of you who do, it's hilarious. there i stood, total germaphobe, with my sweet little girl laying in a bed of poop, crying. it wasn't as bad as it could have been. there actually wasn't that much. anyway, there i stood, just staring at her. i was the only one home, so it was up to me. the germaphobe in me wanted to go get a pair of rubber gloves. the mom in me just wanted to hug my little girl and tell her it was okay. so i did. i hugged my poopy little 3-year-old. i told her it was okay, and we took care of it. we got everything and everyone clean (and sanitized!). i got her bedding and clothes in the wash, and threw away a few things that couldn't be salvaged. i gave her a bath, then held her in my lap until she calmed down. i'd like to think that won't happen again, but i know it probably will. maybe next time, though, toby will be home!


The Savages said...

impressed with the boldness in the title. :-) i would have been totally grossed out by that and I am not a germaphobe.

Anna & the boys said...

I hate those cries! Welcome to poopie beds! I have been there before. It is a day I will never forget. Hang in there.