Monday, July 21, 2008

3 minutes

At 4:56, we pulled into the parking lot of our town's water department to pay our water bill that was due at 5:00! The girls and I raced in before they closed, and in the mere three minutes we were there, Catherine and Grace managed to make a new friend. This happens wherever we go. They have never heard of stranger danger, and they are pretty sure everyone we come in contact with is just dying to meet them and hear everything they have to say. In under three minutes, the girls were able to tell the nice man in the office:
  • the name of the town in which we live (which he obviously knew!)
  • our street name
  • we had to come pay our water bill
  • mommy lost the envelope
  • if we don't pay, we can't take anymore baths or showers
  • we have a dog who is sick with a skin infection
  • our sick dog peed on the rug last night during dinner and daddy threw the rug away
  • we had waffles for dinner
  • they were NEW waffles (don't worry, I don't feed them old food...these were just a new kind of waffle)
  • Grace has two bug bites
  • we were headed to see Nanny and Pop
  • they are our best friends

I really don't know where they get this. They find someone who looks willing to listen, and they just start spewing out random things. Okay...maybe I do know where they get this. I've been known to do the very same thing. Just not to strangers. Unless blogging counts!

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