Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two for Twos-day

Before running some errands on Saturday, we made a quick stop at Chick-fil-a. As you can see, Catherine has really started to take her job as "big sister" seriously. She is a whole minute older, you know!

Stop by Eight is Great today and see who else is playing:)


Cheryl Lage said...

What a great protective "big" sister! We experience a great deal of "Big" and "Little" here, too!

And Leslie, could that picture of your girls on your header now BE any more beautiful? I think not!

You've got some stunning (and photogenic!) daughters on your hands!

mom2twinboys said...

very cute. Hunter has taken on the role of "big" brother since he's 2 inches taller even though he is a minute younger.

your girls are so so adorable. I'm thinking they dont take a bad picture

Jodee Leader said...

Cute picture! The girls look like they are the best of friends!

I love your holiday look too! Ho Ho Ho!

Missy said...

We are definitely some chick-fil-A girls here too! They are so good if Chick-fil-A is mentioned as a possibility.